Thought Leadership as Marketing

Interesting story from Rajesh Setty about becoming a thought leader prior to selling your product. Not sure it’s for everyone and their products, but it’s worth listening to his story at the beginning of the video.

Rajesh Setty at The Founder Institute on Thought Leadership

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Apple’s Next Big Thing is Mobile Commerce?

I had dinner with a former colleague last night. It was good catching up, but as usual, we ended up discussing  the wireless industry and Apple. It’s been lampooned numerous times from other mobile manufacturers that Apple rarely brings out anything new, they just seem to do it in a better and more innovative way. I told him I was fairly unimpressed with the iPhone 4 offering, as it just felt like a hardware change to me. There was nothing about it that seemed compelling.

So this begged the question, what is going to be Apple’s next new (but old) thing?

Engadget may have answered it here.

I’m now officially curious as to what their approach will be for this market…