Who is this guy?

That’s Jeremy Justice. He is the benevolent dictator of a small island nation whose…

Wait, wait…that wasn’t supposed to be put in print. I’m many things, but I haven’t been able to scratch off “island leader” from my to-do list yet. There are preparations in the works, however. That said, let me tell you a little more about who I currently am.

  • A Southern Boy: Don’t get my wrong, I don’t drive a pick-up truck (anymore) and am not obsessed with country music, but I grew up in North Carolina and Mississippi and am extremely proud of that fact. I even attended the University of Mississippi and am a dedicated Rebels fan.
  • A Marketing Professional: I’ve been blessed working for two of the largest brands in the world, Intel and Nokia, where I’ve had roles from Product Manager to Business Planner.
  • A Resident of China: I’ve been living and working here for over five years and am still amazed at the experience of watching this country develop so quickly. There have been many speedbumps along the way, which I’ll be more than happy to amuse you with, but being here has been a life-changing experience.
  • A Lover of Bulleted Lists: I’m not sure if I’m joking or not here.

If you’d like to know more, spend some time reading my blog. If you’re interested in talking with me about career opportunities or special short-term projects, then check out my resume or drop me a line from my contact page.

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