Playing: Bomb Buddies

Bomb Buddies

It’s good to have friends in the gaming industry. You occasionally get the opportunity to check out something new before it comes out. This week I got to play Bomb Buddies from the guys over at Balanced Worlds game studio. If you grew up on Nintendo and Bomberman, then seeing a free-to-play game with similar mechanics that one can enjoy with multiple Facebook friends is exciting.

The version I saw is still in it’s early “Alpha” stages, but even then, the graphics are all top-notch and the game-play was already smooth. This is definitely not Farmville, but rather more focused on a more hard-core social gamer.

Most of the team was still focused on improving the game playability and developing new in-game content, but they’ve already released some early Youtube footage worth checking out. If you like what you see, help my friend out and show some “like” love to the Bomb Buddies Facebook page.