We Love to Talk

There’s more to be done with voice.

That was said by Nokia’s former CEO, Jorma Ollila. In 2006.

Apple and HTC+Android are getting steady reminders lately about why they are still called phones, and an even bigger reminder that Americans still love to talk more than anything.

But seriously, did anyone else scratch their heads when Jobs explained the new iPhone antenna? While not an antenna engineer, I still know enough of this black magic to wonder, “What happens when you touch the metal?” Sadly, it appears as though I might have a future in the dark arts. Considering the amount of testing that ATT requires, this must have been a known issue prior to market launch. So what happened?  Was this design taking priority over performance at Apple? Was ATT seeing market pressure from Verizon-Android offerings that pushed them to rush this through? Did Apple just succumb to hitting a date expected by the market?

I’m curious. If anyone has some insider info here, please let me know…



Original @ www.torakamikaze.com / Click Image for T-Shirt

I could stare at this all day and never stop laughing.

But what I really love about it is the message it conveys:

If you’re having a problem overcoming walls in your life or business, find a partner who specializes in knocking down your particular kind of wall.

Many times, people don’t even need to have the same goals as you, they just have a strange desire to help knock down walls. It’s a good reminder for me to sometimes just relax, with Kool-Aid in hand, and let others step in where I stumble.

The Sandbox

PocketGod Screenshot

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been in a meeting discussing a product’s concept where someone would say, “I just don’t get it” or “I wouldn’t buy that.” Many times, someone would pop-up and reply, “That’s because it’s not made for you.” I tried playing Pocket God, but I was one of those who didn’t get it and haven’t touched it since. The game has been a huge hit, so apparently it wasn’t made for me. However, it seems to be resonating with others…

So thank you CNN for interviewing the creators and enlightening me on why this game is attractive to so many :

In some sense, it’s just really an offshoot of sandbox play, when you were lining up toy soldiers and castles, then knocking them all down and building them up again.

What a great statement from one of their users. I suspect he’s hit the mark for why this game appeals to so many. It’s still not the game for me, but I will admit to getting a cheap thrill out of watching pygmies get eaten by sharks.

The Ride to the Restaurant

Getting a taxi in Beijing on a Friday night is always a frustrating ordeal. Trying to get one on a Friday night while it’s raining is just a complete and utter disaster. Other means must be sought, and I’m not so proud that I wont resort to taking a less-sophisticated form of travel. So while the others continued their wait in the pouring rain for that taxi that would never come, I quickly grabbed this sānlúnchÄ“ (三轮车) and headed out. I thought some of you would like to enjoy the experience with me.

Ole Miss in China

While putting this website together, I discovered that my alma mater is part of a nation-wide program to promote the study of Mandarin Chinese.  From what I can tell, it’s a 5-year program that also allows you pursue a second major.  It’s a smart move, many in the U.S. don’t realize it yet, but being a skilled professional fluent in Mandarin is going to be more and more important in the upcoming years.

Congratulations to the University of Mississippi Chinese Language Flagship Program.

UM Chinese Flagship Program Promo from UM Media Documentary Projects on Vimeo.